Meet our 2019 summer interns

It is August here in New York—officially the dog days of summer. If you are in need of some light summer reading, allow us to recommend the case studies on our fresh new website, which we quietly rolled out a few weeks ago.

The view from our new lab – plenty of room for blue sky thinking

The view from our new lab – plenty of room for blue sky thinking

There are so many hallmarks of summer in the city: the sound of ice cream trucks, a sweaty public transportation system, out-of-office auto replies, and of course, summer interns! This summer we hosted two paid summer interns and wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a bit about these exciting emerging professionals that we have been lucky enough to have grace our lab.


Miriam-Helene Rudd is currently completing undergraduate degrees in Art Conservation and Art History at the University of Delaware, with a minor in Fashion History & Culture. Born and raised in New York City, she spent this summer interning at Small Data Industries. Miriam-Helene’s time in our lab was brief, but in just two months she was able to make incredible process on the archival re-housing and cataloging of Eyebeam’s archives. Thanks to her, the archives can now be easily searched, serving as a critical foundation to the next phase of media stabilization.

Snapseed 3.JPG

Our second intern, Cy, is a queer non-binary digital storyteller and artist interested in black queer futures. Cy recently relocated to Brooklyn from Boulder, CO, and will be attending NYU Tisch’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in the fall. Their time with us this summer has been primarily focused on exploring, experimenting, and implementing techniques for stabilizing rare and obsolete digital formats found in a number of the artist estate archives we presently have in our lab. Cy hopes to leverage the skills they are learning this summer to better support underrepresented artists and groups in archival and conservation practices.

We have been so lucky to have these two emerging professionals grace our lab this summer – they have not only been critical contributors to our client-facing work, but they have truly enriched and expanded Small Data’s long term strategic planning and growth.

Ben Fino-Radin